Almsford Bank Objectors’ Meeting

A meeting takes place in Pannal Village Hall Function Room on Wednesday 24th October at 6.00 pm to consider how best to comment on the amended application to build 65 houses at the bottom of Almsford Bank, in the area within the Crimple Valley SLA.

The application has been put before the Parish Council and will be considered formally on 8th November at the PC's Planning Committee meeting but the response is required by 9th November hence an open meeting for residents and previous objectors in advance. All are welcome but particularly those who objected to the previous application.

At the meeting, members of the PC's Planning Committee and consultants acting for the PC will be on hand to advise on how best to respond to this amended application.

Please circulate this information as best you can and if possible attend the meeting.

If you are able to come, please send a note to so that we can gauge numbers.

For more information on the application, see the "Agenda and Minutes" page of the Parish Council website and read the minutes of the 11th October Planning Committee meeting, item 7.

Update Oct 2018: Developers have submitted
revised plans for 65 Dwellings At Almsford Bank

More information coming soon.

View Revised Planning Application

Application for 65 Dwellings At Almsford Bank

An application for the erection of up to 65 dwellings with access considered has been submitted for Almsford Bank Stables, Leeds Road, Harrogate, HG2 8AA. Deadline for Objections is 19th April 2018.

How can you help?

Make your opinions made on the Harrogate Borough Council planning portal AND Spread the word!.

Build a Strong Argument in response

Landscape Character and Setting

The development is outside current and proposed development limits. Under 2001 plan should recognise:

  1. Local distinctiveness
  2. This is a designated Special Landscape Area (SLA)
  3. The setting and approach to Harrogate
  4. Local beauty spot
  5. The need to avoid coalescence and ribbon development
  6. All the reasons given by Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) in 2016 for not allocating this precise site for housing (Site Ref: H8).


  1. Road safety: Traffic access
  2. Public right of way.


When considered alongside the emerging new Local Plan coalescence becomes inevitable.

Harrogate District Draft Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal 2016

Site Ref H8 is the plot of land in planning application 18/00912/OUTMAJ for 65 dwellings. This land was found unsuitable for development in the Councils own Sustainability Appraisal 2016. Full details below, click image for original source.

H8: Harrogate District Draft Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal 2016


These are some suggestions and ideas to draw on when objecting to 18/00912/OUTMAJ | Outline application for the erection of up to 65 dwellings with access considered. Almsford Bank Stables Leeds Road Harrogate HG2 8AA. Please note your comments will be publicly visible for all to read once submitted to the Council Portal. All wording must be your own.

You can also submit comments via email or postal mail. If you do this you MUST provide your full postal address or your comments will be rejected.

The website for this planning application is different from the one used to comment on the Local Plan. Please follow the instructions below.

Every individual submission counts. Please help to get the word out by sharing this page, asking other people within your household, your local friends, family and neighbours to make their views known.

How to object to the New Development


Using the Council Planning Portal

To comment on this planning application you must register with a different Council website to the Local Plan. Full details on how to register and comment below. The original deadline of 13th April has been extended to the 19th April because the Council did not get the Green Planning Notice signs out on time.

Using the Council Planning Portal

If you do not already have an account you need to register with the Public Access Planning Portal.

Open Planning Portal Registration Page

Follow the 7 steps in the images (right) to register with the planning portal. Click the images to view larger. Once the registration page is complete you need to login. Make sure you can remember your password.

If you do not recieve the confirmation email check your spam/junk folder. If you cannot find it do not hesitate to contact the Council at

Login to Planning Portal

Where to comment

You must be logged into the site to comment. If you have trouble loggining in do not hesitate to contact the Council at

We advise you draft your comment in Word or an email before posting your comment. You can then copy and paste your comment into the comment box on the application page. There is a limit of 6000 characters.

Open the planning application page by clicking the button below. Click the 'Make a comment' button. See images (right) to see the page, click to enlarge.

Direct link to the Planning Application

Comment by post

You can also submit your comments via email or post if you prefer or if have trouble with the website. However you MUST include your full name and postal address. The email address to submit comments to is

To make comments about this application you can write to:

Harrogate Borough Council Planning Services
PO Box 787

Deadline for comments
19 April 2018

Please Quote Application Case Number:

Save Crimple Valley Needs Your Help

Save Crimple Valley Group needs help dealing with preparing responses to planning matters. If you feel some commitment towards the Valley and would like to help please contact us.